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Extraoral Lens Tip (EIOS Add-On)

Extraoral Lens Tip (EIOS Add-On)
Extraoral Lens Tip (EIOS Add-On) Extraoral Lens Tip (EIOS Add-On) Extraoral Lens Tip (EIOS Add-On)
Brand: RF America IDS
Product Code: EIOS
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Price: $995.00

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Extraoral Lens Tip (EIOS Add-On)

Extraoral Lens Tip (EIOS Add-On)

The Extro Illumination Optic System (EIOS) or Extra-oral tip is a small device that when attached to the
head of one of our intraoral cameras (i.e. DHD Pro, Polaroid, EZShot) allows for beautiful, crisp, clear
extra-oral images (i.e. face shots, lower/upper arch’s, full smile). The tip is perfect for cosmetic dentistry
needing smile and lower/upper arch shots or even the dentist that likes to keep a more personable file
with face shots of their customers. The EIOS is extremely user-friendly, easy to assemble and operate.
By simply attaching the head to the body with the included screws then placing the assembled tip on the
head of the camera, you are now ready to use. There are two buttons on the actual device, one that
powers the EIOS on/off and the other that controls the brightness of the LED lighting around the lens of
the tip. Turn your intraoral camera into an extra-oral device and enjoy HD quality extra-oral images with
our all new Extro Illumination Optic system.


Extro Illumination Optic System (EIOS)
Main body - Sleek design and style
Convenient on/off button for controlling led light
2 different light variations

Head cover (wide)
Head cover (small)
Screws - Comes with 2 head covers (wide & small) that attach to the body complete with screws for easy

Charging cable - Convenient usb to micro usb charging cable

User manual

Size: Approx, 42 x 80 x 27 mm
Weight: Approx, 26 g
Charging voltage: 5V (USB power)

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