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I just wanted to say how much I love the new RF America computer/camera system. I literally would not want to go a day without it. Besides the fact that it looks cool, it enables me to give instant, and impressive pictures of a patient's problem even before an x-ray is taken. In short, the camera sells the needed treatment and takes the stress off of me. Patients SEE the problem and want what they need. I also recently installed a digital x-ray system which was easily incorporated into the computer wirelessly. Now I can show the tooth picture and the X-ray both on the same screen. It really is a no-brainer to have, use and afford. As a non-computer geek, I can use and enjoy this new tool every day. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work.

Dr. Stephen A. Novak, DDS


I know an intraoral camera system is an integral part of any dental office and I researched many different systems for my office before I chose the Discovery 2 system from RF America. I chose this system because it is simple and wireless eliminating the need for bulky carts in the office. It not only looks very professional and satisfies the particular needs of my difficult open office design, but the ease of use and quality of photos far exceeded my expectations. Patient motivation and immediate case acceptance has increased our bottom line, making this the best investment of 2009.

Dr. Kathleen A. Collins, DDS  




We have been using the Discovery Cam 2 for over a year now and it has proven itself to be an invaluable part of both new,and existing patient exams. The pictures are clear and convincing evidence of necessary treatment. Our patients are able to see what we see clearly and without delay. The software is easy to use and works well without Patterson EagleSoft program. It moves quickly from operatory to operatory, but you will want to have one in every room. Here in our seven chair practice, the three cameras are not enough because they are always being used by either our two dentists or two hygienists. It was easy to train staff to use the cameras, and what a great difference it has made in treatment acceptance. The front office especially appreciates the clear pictures when presenting cases, and validating the treatment needs with insurance carries. Our goal is to have a camera for each treatment provider in our office, and we encourage other practices likewise.

Dr. Robert Lombardo



RF America’s Discovery360 wireless intraoral camera features high-speed digital wireless and a built-in mouse. The convenient angled handpiece design and slim head with 330° rotation provide ease of access for difficult-to-reach areas of the oral cavity. A bright and clear OLED screen provides device stats, and the dual-layer lens does not fog up during use. The Discovery360’s “easy capture” feature allows the user to capture images with the click of a button without the need for additional equipment. The compact USB wireless receiver supports unlimited channels, and multiple receivers can be used with 1 camera. The Discovery360 intraoral camera is powered by a long-lasting, high-capacity lithium-ion battery. Dental Viewer software is included with the Discovery360, which is supported by Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).

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Designed to be attractive and functional, the Discovery360 intraoral camera from RF America captures high quality digital images and is compatible with most major imaging software applications. Capable of taking HD quality images and available in both corded and cordless versions, the Discovery360 features a rotating camera head and an adjustable capture button to make it easy for any operator to snap any intraoral image, according to a press release and details on the company’s website. The Discovery360 intraoral camera also features a built in mouse, allowing the camera to be used to control your operatory computer. Elegance Refined - Not only is our latest camera aesthetically pleasing, it is also completely functional. The Discovery360 is one of the most complete intraoral cameras in the market today. A rotating camera head means less arm movement when capturing images to reduce fatigue plus the adjustable capture button makes it a perfect fit for a "Righty or a Leftie". Featuring amazing image quality, compatibility with most major imaging software and a built in mouse, the Discovery360 was designed to help increase your chances of case acceptance as a picture says a thousand words. Try one today and "Discover the Difference".

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Wow! What an extraordinary video system! Patients are enthralled by the high tech, as well as the visual. The more patients can see and understand, the more they elect high-end treatment options. A wonderful tool for patients. They look forward to using the equipment at each visit.

Dr James H Doundoulakis, D.M.D


The new wireless intraoral camera works great! With simple instruction and easy setup the intraoral  camera has been taking very detailed flawless images from the start. The wireless is great, no cord to worry about tripping on or not reaching enough is super! I recommend this particular intraoral camera if you are using Kodak software because the setup is simply flawless. After loading the intraoral camera software and using without standard Kodak imaging we have had no issues! Thanks so much!

Dr Andrew K John, DDS