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EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera

EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera
EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera
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Price: $1,495.00

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EZ Shot HD Wired (USB) Intraoral Camera

The EZ Shot Intra Oral camera is packed full of features normally only found in dental cameras at twice the price. The budget friendly camera features a High definition CMOS camera with the proprietary TRUE AutoFocus lens which utilizes the latest in “liquid Lens Optics” technology. With just a press of the EZ Shot’s capture button, the TRUE AutoFocus “Liquid Lens” optics instantly reshapes and refocuses, just how our eyes work, to deliver stunning, crystal clear images anywhere in the mouth. Unlike fixed focus optics or adjustable focus mechanisms which can wear out and break over time, our Liquid lens optics can reshape to adjust for depth-of-field and sharpness from any distance in just milliseconds without any mechanical movement. This is accomplished by applying a very minute amount of electricity to the True AutoFocus lens assembly. The lens, which is like a bag filled with an optically clear gel, slightly changes shape, and curve, much like the human eye. This happens so fast, that it is barely noticeable on screen. It has been predicted that the Liquid lens optics technology will soon be rendering older fixed focus cameras, and those with mechanical adjustable focus mechanisms obsolete.

The EZ Shot I/O camera has an adjustable light intensity, which is a nice feature that allows the user to control the brightness of the EZ Shots LED lights to adjust for various operatory lighting conditions and to help avoid reflective “hot” spots on shiny surfaces, as when taking an image of a patient’s smile. The EZ Shot also features a Black & White mode that turns off the camera’s color display function and can be helpful locating craze lines and fractures, capturing and displaying grey scale X-ray images from a view box, and even archiving X-ray images into your Practice management or image capture software. The lightweight and durable EZ Shot HD Intra oral camera is available in both a wired option, with a 3M USB style cable, as well as a wireless version. The wireless camera features our exclusive bandwidth that is also used in the military and medical industries. This high bandwidth allows us to deliver secure, crystal clear images, without any of the interference that has plagued other wireless cameras. The wireless EZ Shot comes with a charging/ dock station and a simple USB receiver for your computer. One wireless camera can be operated with multiple receivers keeping your overall cost low as compared to buying many I/O cameras to equip your rooms. Both the wired and wireless versions are Plug-n-Play and also include Twain drivers for those cloud based software’s that require a twain driver. The USA’s tech support team is always glad to help you install your products, provide some training, and all our products come with “Free Lifetime Support”

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