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iRay A6 AIO Portable X-Ray System

iRay A6 AIO Portable X-Ray System
iRay A6 AIO Portable X-Ray System iRay A6 AIO Portable X-Ray System iRay A6 AIO Portable X-Ray System iRay A6 AIO Portable X-Ray System
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iRay A6 AIO Portable X-Ray System

The invention of radiography changed the lifestyles and thinking of human beings. It gave life to new professions and things became very much possible which were considered impossible previously. Radiography proved its use and applications in almost all fields of life. It was used for medical studies, forensic records, criminology investigations and research purposes. Conventional radiography has many limitations such as,

  • It requires the availability of radiographic films,
  • It can take limited number of shots,
  • It is very expensive and can be easily damaged,
  • It is not easy to carry everywhere,
  • Technique sensitive in developing and printing procedures.

Keeping in mind all these drawbacks, radiography technologists invented the modern digital radiography armamentarium. Most technicians worked on developing digital radiography sensors for specific purposes like for digital dental radiography sensors. Radiographic technologists at Descowin have designed multipurpose digital radiographic system Portable iRay A6 for your convenience.

Portable iRay A6,

  • Has a firm handle with a stable handgrip for balancing the whole unit single handedly,
  • Has a leather band grip for minimizing unwanted movement,
  • Has an engine and external battery port,
  • Having a collimator, an interface and a user friendly touch panel LCD display.

Portable iRay A6 DEXCO is convenient in many ways,

  • Can carry out multiple tasks with only a single device,
  • Having interfaced USB ports for attaching accessory devices,
  • Bluetooth and Wi-fi facility available for wireless data transfers,
  • Has variable power setting for each specific purpose,
  • Easy to carry around due to its compact size,
  • Can take more than 200 shots with a fully charged battery,
  • Can be used for medical and veterinary purposes including dental, orthopedics, first aid and cosmetic surgery procedures,
  • Can be of help in non-medical field like security check and dead body check on the spot by investigation agencies,
  • Used in industrial nondestructive testing.

You can have all above requirements fulfilled through the purchase of a single device.

Whenever patients go for a medical or dental checkup, the health professional advises them to get an x ray of the area for thorough diagnosis and treatment planning. Many patients avoid carrying out this advice due to the long span of time taken in conventional radiography in procedures like developing and printing. Another reason to avoid x ray is the phobia of radiation damage. Digital radiography systems have saved us from all these problems now. This revolution in the field of radiology is responsible for the increased number of patients willing to get x rays resulting in better diagnosis and treatment provision.

Radiology experts at RF America IDS innovative technologies have worked a lot in this regard. Since 2004 RF America IDS technology professionals are thriving hard to formulate the best medical and dental devices for the field. Portable iRay A6 system is a state of the art device for your convenience. It is a multipurpose device which can carry out a large number of intended tasks.

Following are the features of iRay A6 system,

  • It is an all in one system comprising of x ray, screen and detector within a single body,
  • Its portable nature allows the user to carry out it around different places,
  • It has graphical user interface which makes it easy to use and operate,
  • It has a touch panel LCD screen incorporated in it,
  • Its multipurpose functions are aided by multiple USB ports and an Ethernet port,
  • It has sufficient in built memory of about 16 GB,
  • It has an adjustable power supply system for its multipurpose use accomplishment,
  • Area of x ray exposure can be easily controlled through a collimator,
  • It can take about 200 shots with a fully charged stable lithium battery,
  • The sophisticated software has embedded windows along with various image processing functions and wireless data transfer.
  • This unique model has a compact style making light weight aiding to its portable nature,
  • All inner body is wrapped around by led to prevent the leakage of harmful radiations providing safety to the operator as well as the patients,
  • Supporting stand and remote control can also be provided on demand,

iRay A6 portable system has multiple applications,

  • It has made it possible to have an early diagnosis in an emergency condition on the spot,
  • Prompt diagnosis on the site of accident can lead to better treatment provision at the hospital,
  • It has made it easier to get an x ray of a big animal without anesthetizing it,
  • It is useful for the diagnosis of elderly and handicapped people suffering from dysphagia,
  • It can be helpful for custom officials for scanning suspects and their luggage at the air ports,
  • One of its major advantages is its use during wars for the diagnosis of wounded soldiers,
  • It can be used for the prevention of terrorist activities around the globe,
  • This portable system is of helpful in the identification and collection of forensic evidence.

You can benefit from all above applications through the purchase of a single device.

Digital X-ray
Product Name iRay A6
X-ray generator Inveter type
Tube voltage 50 ~80 kV (variable)
Tube current 1 ~3 mA (variable)
Tube type Stationary
Tube focal spot 0.8mm
Target angle 16°
Exposure time
(increse 0.05sec)
Power requirement DC 15.0 ~ 16.8V
Weight 3.6kg
Detector Film / Digital Sensor
Power supply Rechargeable battery (16.8V)
-Inner battery pack
-External battery pack (At the same time charging and using)
Display 4.8″ TFT-LCD(Radiation image display)
System type All in one (X-ray source + Digital sensor + Display)
Image processing No need other device
Connect with sensor Digital sensor
- Dental size1
- Dental size2
- orthopedics 10″ X 12″

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