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DiscoveryFocus Wireless Intraoral Camera

DiscoveryFocus Wireless Intraoral Camera
DiscoveryFocus Wireless Intraoral Camera DiscoveryFocus Wireless Intraoral Camera DiscoveryFocus Wireless Intraoral Camera DiscoveryFocus Wireless Intraoral Camera
Brand: RF America IDS
Product Code: DISCFOCUS
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DiscoveryFocus Wireless Intraoral Camera

The DiscoveryFocus intraoral camera captures high quality images with its Sony 1/4" CCD and features a true glass optical lens for increased image quality.
The camera has the ability to switch from micro to macro with the simple slide of a switch making it simple to capture images with different focus points. Weighting at only 3.5oz it is extremely easy to handle and simple to operate.

The DiscoveryFocus features 6 dimmable LED lights for easy viewing, regardless of your environment.  It also features a black and white mode for capturing images of x-ray film from a lightbox so you can save the image to a patient profile/chart.

Featuring an easy on and off switch and a low battery indicator this camera is efficient yet incredibly functional. Being wireless the camera does run on a single 4.7v lithium ion battery and it can be charged on the provided charging base or straight from the adapter. You may also charge a spare battery to eliminate downtime required for charging. The DiscoveryFocus comes with a one (1) year warranty and lifetime technical support as long as you own the camera. Test drive a DiscoveryFocus today and quality wireless intraoral imaging.



Low battery indicator
Orange LED light (bottom of the camera)

Easy capture
Can take an image by clicking the capture button on the device without other equipment.

Windows support
Supports Windows XP (32bit), Vista, 7 (32bit & 64bit) and 8 (32bit & 64bit).

Lens built with multi-layers to reduce fog.

Software compatibility
Compatible with almost ALL software's
* We offer a free solution for incompatible software's

Easy install
Simple driver installation. Our support team will install and integrate it for you!

Technical Specifications
Lens True Glass Optical Lens
Battery Single Lithium-ion battery 4.7v
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 3.5 oz
Light 6 LED lights with control dimmer and full-on or full-off
Internal Memory 16 Images (automatic overwrite & automatic memory clear)
Macros Lens No macro lens, has a focus switch for easy normal to macro focus
On / Off Switch Slide action (right to left)
Low Battery Indicator Orange LED light (bottom of the camera)
Charge Methods Charging stand, charge straight from adapter and/or charge a spare battery on the charging stand

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