RF America IDS

Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator
Lighter Than Most XRay Generator

Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator
Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator
Brand: RF America IDS
Product Code: Rextar-X
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Price: $6,495.00

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Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator


Our Portable X-Ray Generator :

Lighter then most handheld generators in the market!

Packed with Innovative features, superior image quality and patient accessibility to deliver the ultimate performance with the world's most powerful and versatile portable X-ray system.

Highest technical specification among portable Xray devices. Designed with your safety in mind. Protecting the operator's body, hand and other areas close to the device radiation exposure with our double shield protection.


Top Features

Compact and Light

Just over 5lbs, enjoy our light weight, high speed wireless portable handheld generator. Easily transport and utilize unit in multiple operatories, with over 300 exposures in just one battery charge.


Highest Level of Safety

Designed with your safety in mind. Safety is ensured by built-in double-shielding which reduces risk to exposure by scattered radiation. Designed to protect operator's body, hand and other areas close to the device radiation exposure.


Tube Voltage

The Rextar's 70kV tube has the power to penetrate the cheekbone to always provide a great image of the Superior Maxilla, unlike other lower kV units on the market. While operating at nearly half the exposure time as other 60 & 65 kV units.


Focal Spot

Focal spot size is an important factor to get a clear image in any X-ray. By using Toshiba D-041 tube, our portable generator provides smaller focal spot (0.4 mm) and smaller divergence of X-ray (12°). You will experience the sharpest and most clear images possible.


Designed with Your Safety in Mind

Double Shielding Protection

Safety is ensured by internal double shielding for all way of X-ray emission.


Ergonomic Design

Designed to protect operator's body, hand and other areas close to the device radiation exposure.


You Have Our Word

Approved by international quality organization such as CE, KFDA, and FDA.


FDA Registration Number: K132041


Smart Buttons

Easily memorize your needs.

Four Buttons

For these four buttons, you can set up the exposure values onto each smart button. 


Adult or Child

If you have typical patient type, you can categorize them into the four buttons. 


Upper or Lower

For easy convenience, automatically set one button for the upper or lower section.


Canine or Molar

Power on, press one of four smart buttons then press exposure button.



Don't Worry,

Were Compatible with ALL..

Digital Imaging Sensors, Conventional Film, and Phosphor Plates.



Specifications :

Built to Perform

Lightweight yet extremely durable, our portable handheld generator provide's high quality image everytime.



High Frequency Inverter


Power Output



Power Requirement

11.1 VDC



Approx. 5.5lbs


Tube mA/kV



Battery Charger

100 – 240 VAC,        50~60Hz 1.7A


Focal Spot

0.4 mm


Inherent Filtration

>1.5 AI Equivalent


In- Office Demo : Schedule a Free In Office Demo

Schedule with us, and our experts will have you trainded and up in running in no time!  We have decades of experience working with small and large practices. Try our products hands-on and make the best decision for your office. 


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