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Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator
Lighter Than Most XRay Generator

Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator
Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator
Brand: RF America IDS
Product Code: Rextar-X
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Rextar Portable X-Ray Generator

Lightweight and Compact Design.

The Polaroid X-Ray Generator is built to perform. Lightweight with a digital color screen and 4 simple programmable buttons.

Designed with your safety in mind. Protecting the operator’s body, hand and other areas close to the device radiation exposure with our double shield protection.


  • Smart Buttons

Four buttons to memorize your needs.  Set up the exposure values onto each button. If you have a typical patient type, categorize them into a specific button Adult/Child, and their type of teeth; upper or lower section of the mouth, Canine tooth or molar , etc.r sensor offers a universal one size fits all solution that is designed to fit both adults and children perfectly. Greatly reduces the time needed while taking FMX’s. No yearly support fees!


  • Compact and Light

At just over 5lbs (including battery and scatter shield). Less fatiguing than Gun Style units.


  • Portable Handheld

Fast and easy to move from room to room. Great for elderly, or physically challenged patients as well as Mobile dentistry, Community outreach, or Mission trips.


  • Highest Level of Safety

Designed with yours and the patient’s safety in mind. Safety is ensured by internal double shielding, ensuring operators safety from the leakage radiation.


  • Capture the Best 5 Mega Pixel Image

Advanced Liquid lens Optics with a 5MP processor- The team at Polaroid has combined the latest in Liquid Lens Optics technology with our 5 Mega Pixel camera to produce the sharpest, high-quality images.


  • Clinical Excellence, Built-in Safety

Clear X-Ray images are obtained while decreasing the radiation dose.

Nearly half the exposure levels of other units. See for yourself, request a free copy of a published X-ray absorption White paper.*


  • Efficient Operation

Improved workflow, clear images every time, less retakes, FMX’s in less than 4 minutes, and over 300 exposures per battery charge.


  • Safety First

Double lead shielding and a Lead infused scatter shield provides a safe zone for the operator. Tested to produce the least amount of absorbed radiation.*


  • Innovative Features

Programmable “Smart Buttons” save time, Largest Display Screen in its class, Safety Lock Feature, Self-diagnostics every time it is turned on.


  • FDA Registration Number K132041

Approved by international quality organization such as CE, KFDA, and FDA.


  • Better Images

0.4mm Focal spot for clearer images, 70 kV requires lower exposure times, Improved contrast and bone density images. Always aimed right, no drifting X-ray arms or patient movement, Fidgety children tend to sit still for the “Camera”.


  • Improved Patient Experience

Reduced X-ray exposure levels, patient peace of mind by being at their side during X-rays, increased parent confidence when taking pedo X-rays, reduced anxiety for X-ray phobic patients.


  • Ease of Use

Lightweight camera style design with neck strap prevents dropage, easy to hold and position like a camera, less fatigue and strain as with gun style units. Intuitive operation, well placed controls, large display numbers.


  • Compatibility

Don’t worry, we are compatible with all digital sensors as well as conventional film and phosphor plates.


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