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HD Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors (Rent to Own)
$1,995 initial fee, $199 thereafter*

HD Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors (Rent to Own)
HD Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors (Rent to Own) HD Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors (Rent to Own) HD Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors (Rent to Own) HD Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors (Rent to Own) HD Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors (Rent to Own)
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Price: $1,995.00

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HD Digital Dental X-Ray Sensors (Rent to Own)

$1,995 initial fee and $199 a month for the "Rent it" package and $299 for the "Rent It Premium".

*Damage protection insurance will cover accidental damage with a small deductable of $1,995 and can be used up to 3 times a year. Factory defect warranty covers all factory defects as long as sensor does not have physical damage. The rent it and rent it premium plans have a minimum 1.5 year commitment and a month to month thereafter.


New DrsRay- High Definition Digital Intra Oral X-ray Sensors

RF America IDS has just introduced their new DrsRay (HDI-S) High definition Digital Intra oral sensors. Designed to provide sharp images, High Contrast resolution, patient comfort, and lasting durability, the DrsRay is sure to please. Built around the latest CMOS sensor and Caesium Iodide (CsI) Scintillator, the New DrsRay delivers a new level of clarity and noise reduction. The 0.020 pixel size and 25 lp/mm help define its ability to display fine detail, the most noticeable feature is the High Contrast Resolution that can be seen in the subtle changes in Grey to help better diagnose cases.

All three sizes (#1 /#1.5 /#2) are available to meet your patient's needs and mouth size. Our 1.5 size, often called the “Universal” size, fits both kids and adults and makes taking an FMX a breeze with only one sensor to move around. The 1.5 DrsRay sensor will also work with Dexis software ver.10 on up, as well as most other Imaging software programs, including large Enterprise and PACS systems. DrsRay sensors have no yearly fees and come with a free 3-year warranty. Plans are available for additional year warranty extensions. Team the #1.5 Universal size sensor up with our Rextar X handheld X-ray generator, and you can be taking FMX’s in under 4 minutes. Calculate how much time you can save every time you take an X-ray series. Our sensors have rounded and cut corners for easy placement and patient comfort, as well as a HD reinforced strain relief at the cable that is extremely flexible which will help protect the cable, ensure a long product life, and make sensor placement a breeze.

The DrsRay sensors are a simple USB cable plug-n-play installation with many of the most popular imaging programs and we also have available twain drivers for those programs that require them for integration. RF America IDS currently has a large team of highly trained software IT and product support techs that are experts on their own products, as well as other brands. They not only support dental products and but they also support large medical facilities, multi-location businesses, financial institutions, large mainframes, etc. So these aren’t just product support people trained on one brand, they are actual highly trained IT techs ready to help you. These support techs are conveniently located on both the east and west coasts of the United States, as well as in the Philippines and India to always be there for you and to offer our support services worldwide. In need of IT support services, give us a call.

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