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Drs Finder NEO Apex Locator
Worlds Smallest Apex Locator

Drs Finder NEO Apex Locator
Drs Finder NEO Apex Locator Drs Finder NEO Apex Locator
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Drs Finder NEO Apex Locator

World's Smallest Wireless Apex Locator - Accurate technology with the best solution for endodontic treatment.



World's Smallest Apex

Slick design and a compact size allowing you to be mobile and ready when needed. No need for bulky hard to use machines.

Attach in Various Ways

Attach the device on a stand, your apron, or a dental ruler that is included with your purchase. 

W.L.S (Working Length Select) Function

Adjustable working length for ease of use.


Improved accuracy using 3 frequencies for better results.Using latest signal IC for the best possible measuring quality.


Calibrate the device by yourself with our calibration jig.

Rechargeable Battery

Designed to provide longer lasting power per charge to help you save time and keep your devices running longer.

Touch OLED Screen

Bright and clear OLED screen display that indicates various device settings.


File Hook (3 Peices), Lip Hook, Probe Cord.


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NEO, the World’s Smallest Apex Locator

The Patent Pending NEO, has just received FDA clearance and is ready for distribution. The lightweight
NEO, the size of a smart watch (43 x 46 x16mm), is the World’s smallest Apex Locator. Designed by a
dentist who was tired of having to continually lift up his head to look at his Apex locator while performing
root canals, created a device small enough that it can actually clip onto a finger ruler…..Genius!
Never have to unnecessarily hold your head up again while checking pocket depths. The neck saving,
ergonomic NEO can be attached to the included finger ruler to always be with-in your field-of-view. The
NEO also has the option to be clipped to the included stand, or even clipped onto a patients bib. The
NEO’s easy to read color touch screen can be operated with just a swipe of a gloved finger to choose one
of three available display styles, set working lengths, turn the audio alert on or off, and even set the
available timer. Neo is always accurate by using all three X, Y, & Z KHz bands to combine the latest in multi-frequency impedance technology
to deliver extreme accuracy in any fluids. Never worry about not being calibrated, the NEO comes with its
own calibration Jig that tests and allows you to easily adjust the calibration if ever needed. The
rechargeable battery has a charge status indicator and comes with a USB charging cable that can be plugged into any USB port for
charging. A single charge last for hours of working time. The product comes complete and ready to use
with (1) rechargeable Neo Apex locator, (2) Autoclavable Finger Ring Rulers, (1) counter tray stand, (3)
Autoclavable Lip Hooks, (2) Autoclavable File Hooks, (1) probe jack cable, (1) Probe Extension cord with
flat wires to prevent tanged cords, (1) Charging cable, (1) Calibration Jig and user manual.

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