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The Discovery360 USB, Discovery360 Wireless, DrCam, EZ Shot cameras come with a one year warranty. Warranties do not cover damage due to mishandling, abuse or neglect by customer.


Section 4191 of the Internal Revenue Code imposes an excise tax on the sale of
certain medical devices by the manufacturer or importer of the device. It is a federal tax of 2.3%. The tax applies to sales of taxable medical devices after Dec. 31, 2012.

If the doctor will be using a portable X-ray head with lower Ma and lower Kvp, dosage time will need to be increased accordingly.  

We test our scanners for a typical bitewing with the X-ray head set at .20 seconds, 70 Kvp, 7Ma.

There is no special X-ray head required to use with the PSP scanner. Generally speaking, PSP imaging should take around less than half the dosage of traditional X-ray film.

There are multiple ways to remove saved images on the SD card. First way is to use the DiscoveryCenter. Scroll through the images in Playback Mode and press delete. The second way would be to use a USB Card reader and delete them using your computer. 

Most modern digital photo printers have an integrated memory card reader which allows you to print images easily. In order to transfer images from the SD card to your computer, you would need to have a card reader which can be purchased from an electronic store such as Best Buy or Fry's. 

You can purchase the optional DiscoveryRay. It is an X-ray film viewer that lets you place the Discovery Camera over the film and capture the X-ray film. 

Yes, use a small amount. Spray the disinfectant (or glass cleaner) onto a cloth or napkin and then wipe the screen gently. 

Yes! All the needed cables are provided with each purchase.

Yes. You have four (4) options. Desktop mount (included), Pole mount (optional), Wall mount (optional), Ceiling mount (optional). You can purchase the mounts from us by calling today! 

Yes, the Discovery has two (2) integrated speakers on the backside of the monitor.

Yes, you will need to purchase an optional adapter plate that enables you to covert your Copernicus mount into a DiscoveryCenter mount. Call us or chat for more information. 

Yes. Most software's allow that. Our DrsViewer software can generate as many images on one screen as you would like.

The DiscoveryCenter lets you change channels according to your camera. So let say that your camera is a Channel 1, if you set all your monitors to Channel 1, it will pick up the signal. For the new Discovery360 you do not need to change any channels as it is digital rather than analog. 

Yes. You may use multiple cameras with multiple receivers/DiscoveryCenters.

All you have to do is press the input button on the right side of the monitor. Some systems are different depending on the model but they all have that capability.

Yes. It will work in the United States and also in European countries.

Only some of the products are on the website. We are continuously updating the site with more but in the mean time you can  Call us or chat for more information. 

You are not able to use the mouse feature while you are in camera mode. Make sure you are not in any software that will put the camera into camera mode while you’re moving the mouse. If you are still having problems call our support department.

At the main screen for Dr’s Viewer, navigate to Setup > Camera Setup. When the camera setup menu appears, click on the drop down menu underneath “Resolution” to change modes.

You would need to purchase the application from Apple’s App Store. In order to use the software correctly, you would need to be on the same network as the PC to view the database as well as streaming the video from the Discovery360. You can always call us for FREE tech-support!

  • PC System – 2Ghz, 2GB Ram
  • Operating System – Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • USB Port – USB 2.0/3.0

We are currently working on compatibility with Mac OS X, however, if you are running either Parrells or BootCamp on your mac, you WILL be able to use the camera normally like how a PC would.

You can place an order for more sleeves by calling our toll free number 866-578-5533 or by placing an order on our website.

Not a problem! The camera comes with it’s own software called Dr’s Viewer which also holds a patient database as well as the ability to import and export pictures to be emailed for insurance purposes.

The Discovery360 integrates with MOST imaging software out there. We have a free alternative to incompatible software's. For more information, call support at 866-578-5533.

We offer both versions of the Discovery360. Both operate the same way and use the same driver and software.

Not a problem! Our support team is here to help you Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm PST. All we would do is remote into your computer and take care of everything for you. 

Here are a few tips on this:

  • Check to see if the USB Wireless Receiver is plugged into the USB port of the computer
  • Make sure Wireless USB Manager can detect the camera, and click on “Connect”

If you are still not able to resolve the issue, call us! We're here to help!

Yes. You can purchase replacement batteries from RF America. Depending on the product you may even be able to buy it online! Call us or chat for more information. 

The DiscoveryFocus Camera will last up to one hour on a full charge and the Discovery360 will last between 2-3 hours on a full charge. It is recommended that you place your camera on the charging stand (with it in the off position) at the end of each work day and should not sit on it for more then 24 hours.

Yes, you would need to purchase a DiscoveryCenter or a DRUSBv.2/360 receiver for each operatory you have.

It depends on your surroundings. For example, in an open field it will have greater reception at greater distances. If you are in a building with many walls, the reception will have a lot of interruption. DiscoveryFocus is around 15-20ft. Discovery360 is around 30-40ft. 

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for accidents or abuse to the camera.

Li-Ion batteries last longer and do not carry the memory effect like Ni-Cd batteries do. The Memory Effect is caused by inconsistent charging of a Ni-Cd battery. For example, if you use 50% of a Ni-Cd battery and then charge it, it will make the battery think that a full charge will be at 50% as opposed to 100%. 

There are two ways to format your SD card. First way to do it is to have a USB Card reader which you can purchase from any electronics store. Insert the card, right click on the drive and select format. The file system should be FAT, if not, change it to FAT. The second way to reformat it is to use the Discovery Center. Press < or > and go into playback mode. Now press set up and select format and then select "delete" to confirm. Call us or chat for assitance. 

To save images onto the SD Card, recall the images you’ve just captured. Press “SAVE” on the bottom half of the remote, you should see “Capturing Mode” at the top of the screen for a few seconds. Now the image is saved onto the SD card. Depending on the size of the SD card, you can save more then 400 with a One Gigabyte card which is provided for new customers. The images are saved as .JPEG files. 


No, we do not ship to any P.O. Box.

Orders must be paid by credit card, wire transfer, or prepaid check.

Orders will be shipped by FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested.


All sales shipped to an address in the state of California will be charged sales tax, unless a resale card has been filled out and submitted to us.
Please note that a copy of your resale certificate is not sufficient, we must have the proper form filled out, signed and either faxed to us at 818-475-5050 or scanned in and emailed to [email protected]

You would first need to submit an RMA Questionnaire in order to get an RMA number for repair. You can access the questionnaire by simply clicking on this link, or you can call us toll-free at 866-578-5533.

All disputes must be resolved within seven days of receipt of the merchandise. Please contact customer service for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number will be emailed or faxed to you. Please write this number on the outside of the package when returning the item back to us. Ship your package to:RF America IDS, Inc. 17609 Ventura Blvd #115 Encino, CA 91316. The returned merchandise must be in new re-sellable condition. When the product has been received you will be refunded for the amount of the product only less the 25% restocking fee. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

Yes, we can apply credit towards the purchase of new products. When purchasing a product look for the "Trade In" option on the right hand side to apply your credit. Call us or chat for more information. 

Yes! We appreciate all business referrals and will reward you. Call us for more information. 

You are very important to us. We try to answer any questions you have during your first call. But sometimes there are difficult questions that our staff and technical support agents do not know the answer to and will require further research. We appreciate the patience you give to us. 

Once you are out of your warranty, you may still contact us for FREE technical support over the phone and we can evaluate your product at no cost, but if repairs are needed you will be contacted for approval of any charges that may be needed. Extended warranties are available at a small additional cost. 

You can request free over the phone training by calling our office and setting an appointment with our technicians.