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ImageMASTER w/Caries Detection
Caries, cracks and fracture detection, Direct USB, Ergonomic Design

ImageMASTER w/Caries Detection
ImageMASTER w/Caries Detection ImageMASTER w/Caries Detection ImageMASTER w/Caries Detection ImageMASTER w/Caries Detection ImageMASTER w/Caries Detection ImageMASTER w/Caries Detection
Brand: RF America IDS
Product Code: DiscoveryCD
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Price: $3,995.00

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ImageMASTER w/Caries Detection

ImageMaster USB is a fully Digital CMOS intraoral camera, flowing pure digital data to your computer and avoiding secondary analog to digital converters, as other (CCD) cameras require. Its widescreen sensor produces vivid colors and outstanding pictures. It is the first intraoral camera to incorporate the UVC interface video specification (USB Video Class), which makes this intraoral camera the first camera that is totally "Plug & Play". This camera requires no drivers, just plug it in and it works!

We are "raising the bar" in quality, performance and user interface technology.

  • First UVC intraoral camera
  • Progressive scanning CMOS imager
  • Cosmetic and diagnostic capabilities
  • Caries detection with translucency
  • Brilliant light technology
  • Direct USB plug-in interface
  • On board camera controls
  • Chair camera installations are simple and clean
  • Great quality High definition detailed images
  • Just plug it in and it works!

ImageMaster  USB
Sopro LIFE
Kodak 1600
Imaging Technology 1/3" CMOS 1/4 " CCD 1/4 " CCD 1/2" CMOS
Angle of View 80º 70º 80º 80º
Direction of View 90º 90º 90º 90º
Focus Range 0 mm to Infinity 4mm to infinity 4mm to infinity 5mm to infinity
Sensor Resolution WVGA 752 x 480 Pixels WVGA 752 x 582 Pixels WVGA 752 x 582 Pixels VGA 640 x 480 Pixels
Image Quality Rating (CRA Report Sept 2010) Excellent Excellent Excellent/Good Excellent
Length, size and weight 209mmx28mm, 190g 210mmx30mm, 780g 250mmx27mm, 816g 225mmx30mm, 175g
Works with Windows, Linux and Mac environments Yes Yes Yes CS software only
UVC Compliant  (No Drivers Required) Yes No No No
Light Source Type, How many Elements FFLED w/Auto Control, 2 LED, White/Blue, 4 each LED White, 8 LED, White 12 / Blue 6
Auto Stabilization Yes, Progressive Scanning No No Yes
Anti-Fog Lens Yes No No No
Focus Type Manual Manual Manual Auto Liquid lens
Focus Adjustment:  Access Type 360º Slider Band with detents Ring control Dial with multi-stops Power/Electronic, 1 Button
Remote Auto On/Off Sensing Yes ? No, manual switch No, manual switch
Direct USB Connection (with no Docking Station) Yes No Yes Yes
Doc Box needed to convert to USB No Yes No Optional Video use
Feature Button Controls on board Handpiece Yes Yes Yes Yes
Capture Buttons, Single or Dual Dual, Top & Bottom Single Dual, Sides Dual, Sides
Light Controls, On/Off, intensity Levels on/off, 3 levels on/off, 1 Level white on/off. 1 Level n/a
Diagnostic Modes Yes Yes No Yes
Grey Scale (Black and White Image) Yes No No No
Caries Detection, type Caries, Translucence Caries, Blue Light w/Hood No Caries, Blue Lt/computer
On Screen Electronic Pointing Arrow Yes No No No
Image Orientation, Direct or Mirror Views Toggles Between Both Direct only Direct only Direct only
Overlay / Screen Saver with Camera Information Yes No No No
Caries Detection, additional tools needed None Needed Tip Hood Cover n/a Tip Hood/Computerized
Head size, Volume Shape Small wedge Shape Medium Spoon shape Medium Tubular Shape Large Circular Shape
Optical Center Point location to tip 5.8mm 10.2mm 9.2mm 8.98mm
Handpiece Heat after running 3 minutes Runs Cool Runs Very Warm Runs Very Warm Runs Warm
Sheaths Fits to a Flush surface, I/O Clarity Yes, Excellent No, has gap, Good No, has gap, Good OK, poor fit Good
Fits into Standard Chair Handpiece cups Yes Yes Yes No
Cable can be disconnected at Handpiece Yes No Yes No
Warranty, Years 2 Years 1 Year 2 Years 1 Year
Displays True Color Yes No No No
MSRP **  $4,995.00 $6,470.00 $5,495.00 $5,995.00
** $4,995.00 ImageMaster Billet is a brand-new, heavy duty, all-metallic billet aluminum handpiece that is indestructible and chemically resistant. 
Also available in Plastic for $3,995.00        

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