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RayScan Alpha

RayScan Alpha
RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha RayScan Alpha
Brand: RayScan
Product Code: Rayscan Alpha
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RayScan Alpha

Technology for Convenience

Make it Easy with Ray,


Lower dose

–  Quick scan times
–  Pulsed X-ray technology
–  Multiple scan modes

3 Dedicated detectors

–  Reliable performance
–  No damage
–  Long life span

Easy upgrade

–  Ready to upgrade CBCT & Cephalometric
–  Remote calibration and updates

Intelligent operation

–  Ingenious cooling by ATCT
–  Auto alignment
–  Minimized preparation time
–  Remote update 


Easy to Read LED

–  Color coded exposure status



is designed with cutting edge detectors and pulsed X-ray technology.

Various 2D panoramic modes provide the relevant clinical data you need to make accurate

diagnoses. Proprietary CBCT reconstruction, Adaptive Moving Focus, and noise reduction

technologies provide high quality images at optimized radiation exposure.


Simplified user interface provides an intuitive imaging workflow.

–  Various scan mode with a simple selection on the main display
    : Standard, ToothÍ Full mode Segmentation, Bitewing, Orthogonal, Sinus, TMJ
–  Tooth mode has less dose compared to a full mode panoramic.
–  Automatically selected dental arch and X-ray exposure condition according to patient’s


Super-Fast Scan Times

4 second cephalometric scans reduce dose by over 80  

Cutting edge cephalometric imaging technology results in fast scan times for orthodontic

procedures. The high performance Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) detector allows for the capture

of excellent cephalometric images at a reduced radiation dose. Short exposure times reduce

the risk of retakes associated with patient movement.


Excellent Image Quality Through Advanced Technology


AMF (Adaptive Moving Focus)

RAYSCAN α utilizes Adaptive Moving Focus Technology to configure the panoramic image

layer and optimize the signal to noise ratio(SNR) to produce high quality images.


MAR (Metal Artifact Reduction)

Our own CBCT reconstruction technology significantly reduces metal artifacts such as stars

and shadows caused by X-ray scatter with no additional procedure and time. With the same

time, RAYSCAN α provides more information around metal for accurate diagnosis.



Proprietary noise reduction technology enhances image quality.



2D Imaging Software


Key Features

–  Integrated dental image management

–  Touch environment considered simple UI

–  16 bits full imaging system with DICOM 3.0

–  Supports TWAIN-compliant input devices



3D Imaging Software


Key Features

–  Panoramic image & Cross-Sectional image

–  Excellent 3D image with shading technology

–  Nerve canal drawing & implant simulation

–  DICOM print & CD/DVD burning


Be Comfortable, with Ray

All patient position can be controlled by Wireless Remote Control


ATCT (Adaptive Tube Cooling Time)

–  Continuous acquisition without forced cooling prevents image downgrading 


Auto Alignment  

–  All alignment components are automatically re-positioned 


Minimized preparation time 

–  Provides psychological stability of the patient, reducing moving artifact of images 


Wireless Remote Control 

–  Easy positioning system

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