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Facial Cam USB
Replaces DSLR or SmartPhone, integrates with imaging software

Facial Cam USB
Facial Cam USB Facial Cam USB Facial Cam USB Facial Cam USB Facial Cam USB
Product Code: ImageMaster Z-Cam
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Price: $1,995.00

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Facial Cam USB

Facial Camera USB is a fully Digital C-MOS hand-held extraoral dental camera. It is the first dental camera of its kind that can produce excellent full face, full smile and full arch shots including side profiles and almost any close-up that other intraoral cameras can't! The camera also has diagnostic modes for color shading and tooth translumination. Helping doctors see a tooth's integrity showing cracks, fractures and even decay. This camera's interface plugs directly into your computer just as your intraoral camera and it too does not require drivers to operate providing you have our intraoral camera, just plug it in and it works!

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