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Polaroid Size #2 F Speed (double)
Box of 2x130 films (30.5mm x 40.5mm) FREE Shipping

Polaroid Size #2 F Speed (double)
Brand: Polaroid
Product Code: 2F57
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Price: $49.00

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Polaroid Size #2 F Speed (double)

Polaroid Fi-57 is a dental x-ray film of high speed, with high contrast and fine grain, intended for using in dental screening for intraoral radiographs. The dental x-ray film provides high image quality and outstanding detail definition. Each dental x-ray film is enclosed in a light-tight vinyl packaging. This soft and hygienic packing protects the patient, facilitates manipulation with the dental x-ray film and enables disinfecting the cover with common disinfectants.

The Polaroid #2 Fi-57 High Speed/High Resolution Intraoral:

Product Code:                              Fi-57
Brand:                                          Polaroid
Packaging:                                   Box of 130
Packet Contents:                         2 Film Packet
Packet Type:                                Vinyl
Size:                                             #2
Speed:                                          Fi-57
Type:                                            Periapical
Dimensions:                                 30.5 x 40.5 mm
Specifications Sheet:                    D-Speed Specifications Sheet

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